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Beginning Oct. 2, the appearance of this web page will change to a more mobile friendly format.

Password Rules

Note: Only change your password at the UMB self-service password page.

Passwords must have a minimum length of eight (8) characters and maximum length of (15) characters

Passwords must include at least 3 out of 4 of the following types of characters:

  • uppercase characters (ABC)
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  • numeric characters (0-9)
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Passwords cannot contain all or part of your email address

Passwords cannot be re-used.

Please read new email instructions

New users: You must change your password before you can login to your email for the first time. Please see our first time login instructions.

Faculty and staff: Once your account is migrated to Office 365, you must use your full email address as the username to log in.

All users: A new self-service password management system is now available. Please visit to change your password and set up your security profile. If you do not setup your profile you will not be able to reset your email password. For detailed instructions on using the self-service password management portal, see our Managing your Password page.


If you encounter any problems or have questions, please first visit to see if there is a known issue with the service. If that does not help, contact the IT Service Desk by calling 617-287-5220 or emailing

VIRUS INFO: Please insure that your PC is running the most recent version of antivirus software. Viruses are very serious. Please use caution when opening email attachments.

PHISHING WARNING: IT will never ask you for your username and password via email. Phishing e-mails attempt to deceive the recipient into giving up private information in a response to a message or by leading the recipient to a fraudulent Web site. See our Phishing page for more information.


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